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Bristol Garden Club

Bristol Rhode Island

New & Continuing Club Projects

Dedication Ceremony for


Saturday, April 14 10:00

Thomas Park Bristol, RI

Please RSVP by April 7 to PAM DELANEY

[email protected]

1.Members (40%) plant and maintain the triangular planter at the intersection of Hope and Thames Streets and the three islands at Ferry Road, Wood and Hope Streets at monthly scheduled intervals as needed. Chairman, Maureen Curry.

Club provides $300 for plants, mulch and compost.

2. Members (40%) plant and maintain the gardens at Mrs. Perry’s Garden in Thomas Park at Silver Creek on Hope Street, in honor of our club’s founder, Mrs. William Perry. Chairman, Maureen Curry. Club provides $400 for plants, mulch and compost.

3. Members (40%) plant and maintain the Remembrance Garden at the Rogers Free Library and the two planters and other seasonal planters at the entrances to Rogers Free Library in memory of Louise Hartwell. Chairman, Maureen Curry. Club provides $200 for plants, mulch and compost.

4. Installation of a water collection and distribution sculpture for maintaining and beautifying the gardens at Mrs. Perry’s Garden in Thomas Park at Silver Creek on Hope Street. Plans and designs are being developed. Funds are being raised.

Chairman, Pam Bishop.

5. Club supports the education of Bristol/Warren’s youth with a contribution or grant of up to a total of $1,000 which can be divided amongst projects. Project is funded by flower shows, garden tours and plant sales with 100% club participation.

Chairman, Julie Christina.

6. Club supports community and local environmental concerns with donations totaling $300 to RI Audubon Society, Habitat for Humanity and Bristol Blooms

7. Club supports holiday decoration for community sites as needed or requested such as the R.I. Veterans home, Linden Place and Mount Hope Farm.

8. Club supports excellence and exhibiting skills with membership (20%) directed workshops, regular critiques of floral designs, horticulture question and answer sessions and horticulture plant exchanges at monthly club meetings.

9. Hold a yearly plant sale. Location to be determined annually. Members (100%)

donate their time, plants and garden items for the sale. Proceeds help fund our grants and civic beautification projects. May 12, 2018. Chairman, Karen Kestenberg.


1. Grant Program for Clubs

A new grant program will be established entitled PLANT AMERICA Community Project

Grants to provide financial support for new or existing club projects of NGC member clubs in their respective communities. The first grants will be given during the 2017-2019 administration. The grants will be awarded once during subsequent administrations.

Not only will the grants be of help to NGC’s member clubs, it is an additional opportunity for visibility for National Garden Clubs in these communities where grants are used. Signage and publicity for the projects of the grant recipients will be emphasized. The logo can be used on the website, signs, and other products as a graphic visual reminder for this project.

2. Second Book for Youth – Due to the success of the NGC book, The Frightened Frog, another book will be published as a tool to help clubs with their youth programs. In keeping with the focus for the administration, the topic chosen for this book is an aspect of gardening. The book is entitled, The Saved Seed. The premise of the book is to teach a young child where seeds come from – not from a seed package at the store.